Benefits of Enrolling your loved ones into SHM Prevention program:

SHM is a revolution in digital healthcare with a unique solution of providing its clients with online portal to monitor their health and wellness backed up by our one of a kind virtual care along with in home or on site visitations anywhere in AP and Telangana.



Benefits of Enrolling your loved ones into SHM Prevention program:


  1. Wherever you go our network is with you. (You don’t need only be at home to get your health checked up.)
  2. You can view your reports online and make decisions before something serious happens to you.
  3. An app that carries your medical records wherever you go
  4. A primary physician assigned for your support
  5. No need to plan your health visits, our customer service is available to plan your visits and they are customized to tailor your needs.
  6. Access to our wellness programs like in home yoga, in home personal trainer etc.…
  7. Unbiased and concise reports
  8. No need to spend a day and stand in line to check your health
  9. 24/7 access to your own health coach.
  10. We will collect your past data and do an analysis of current state and recommend you the changes to be done in future to live longer life, and this is all available any time in your hand in your own app
  11. Financial benefits of not paying for tertiary care.

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