SHMedics motto: Bridging gap between NRI`s and their loved ones Health concerns!

We are hear with a single motto “Prevention is better than cure”

And to explain our cause, we have a small incident to share with you:

“Usha Rairikar is a parent, who lives alone in Nellore. She lost her husband several years ago and her daughter lives in the United States. Two years ago, at age 68, Ririkar faced a medical emergency, which could have been traced before she was hospitalized with simple preventive care of her health. Since she was alone, she did not care about regular health screenings. Her neighbors had to rush her to hospital where she was operated upon. Her daughter rushed back from the United States and nursed her back to health.”

Her daughter was lucky that Usha had made it through and is back to normal now. Incidents like these and many more similar, made us to think.

So, here we are with a solution to simplify diagnostics and provide you with simplified tools, reports of your loved ones wellbeing.

Nothing makes your loved ones happier than being with you. We would never be able to fill that gap, but as a part of our initiative we will keep a constant check on their health and treat them as our own.

SHM in partnership with panel of doctors and CAP/NABL accredited laboratories came up with a set of recommended preventive services that would give a complete insight into one`s health.
For more information, updates and useful info: Please visit our website or call us Toll Free - 1(833)SHM-NRIS 


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